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Save Security Today

posted Mar 21, 2016, 2:37 PM by Jer Cox   [ updated Mar 21, 2016, 2:47 PM ]
There is a lot of confusion regarding the Apple vs FBI case.  Most simply do not understand the enormous ramifications that this action will have on the future of this country, and even the future of the world.  Strong encryption is what makes the world go around.  The entire world economy depends on encryption functioning exactly as it is supposed to.  What seems to simply be a battle for one iPhone, is not all it appears.  If the FBI creates a legal precedence that it can force Apple to create a backdoor into the iPhone, it will establish a simple path to create backdoors into any technology solution available.  Including all the solutions that protect your identity, your money, and your privacy.  
The fight with Apple is the beginning.  Complete Government oversight could easily be the end.

To those of you who believe that you can trust the Government to protect your data and to protect the backdoors that will be created due to this action, you should ask the 20,000 FBI employees who lost their personal data to hackers following a breach of government systems.  If backdoors are created, the question is not if they will be released into the wild, the real question you should ask is when?

To those of you who believe that the Government will never go beyond the specific iPhone, or others like it.  I would refer you to the extensive NSA spying operation that was uncovered by Edward Snowden.  We live in a world where a little more intelligence is never quite enough.  Reminds me of a book I have read, "if you give a mouse a cookie"

Finally, if you really think that creating all these backdoors is going to help.  I would remind you that we dont own encryption, that any programmer can build an app with extensive encryption capabilities.  Ultimately the criminals, terrorists and others who want full encryption without a backdoor, will still find it.  Meaning, all we did was shoot ourself in the foot.

Unlike some people, I still believe that America is Great.  I believe that protecting everyone with strong security is the right thing to do.  Taking away strong security is like putting the whole country on house arrest because there is some idiot with a gun somewhere shooting others.  Its a extremely aggressive move, promoted entirely by fear, and in the end will really not accomplish much more than destroying the freedom of millions of people.

Let us show that America is great, that her people do care, and that we will stand up for what is right instead of succumb to fear and hatred.